Who we are

GEM occupies itself with the production handles, knobs and accessories for furniture since 1973 and demonstrates constant passion and attention to detail in the creation of its products, which are always fresh and new. Special emphasis is placed on the production of handles and knobs for kitchen and bathroom furniture.

Rooted in the industrial heart of Pesaro, where the tradition of making furniture represents an integral part of the local culture, the company has developed and evolved over the years, becoming a renowned and respected organisation, on both national and international levels. GEM is a family-run company which guarantees commitment and dedication, and always meets the demands made by its customers in a timely fashion whilst constantly searching for ways to be innovative. With this company philosophy, the GEM brand has become an established player in the market, designing some of the most exclusive products available for the Italian furniture industry.

The range of production, which initially focused on knobs and handles for furniture, has now expanded to include accessories made using a wide variety of materials such as die-cast and turned metal, porcelain, ceramic, aluminium and wood. These are modelled, finished and used in various combinations, uniting traditional handcrafting skills with the most up-to-date techniques in a single product. The know-how and technology behind the manufacturing process used for the handles, knobs and furniture accessories alike are also made available to our customers, with the aim of implementing their ideas and designs while offering assistance every step of the way, from three-dimensional planning to rapid prototyping, to preproduction and finally through to the actual production phase. The GEM brand has always been associated with an image of high quality and excellent customer service, features which win the trust of the leading furniture manufacturers on a daily basis.